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Operations & Maintenance

Telnet’s core business is in operations and maintenance (O&M) services, which it has been providing since 2009 for over 3,000 sites nationwide.

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Our Operations & Maintenance Scope


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24/7 Corrective Maintenance

Field force is the first line of maintenance for active equipment (BTS and microwave) and NOC monitoring.


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Scheduled Preventive Maintenance

Periodical program of activities performed on-site, and maintenance of equipment in compliance with technical specifications.


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Vandalism Rectification

Police and incident reporting and rectification.


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Warehouses & Fleet

16 warehouses and stores spread over all states for spare parts and vehicles.


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Automated Field Force Management System

A system provided and tailored to improve visibility of a mobile workforce. This is to increase and improve efficiency, productivity, communication effectiveness and simplification of processes.

Work Scopes

Work Scopes

Replacement of faulty items

Fault testing post-normalization

Spare provision

On-site troubleshooting

Trouble ticket

Alarm electrical / mechanical installations

Air Conditioner (6 Months)

Maintenance and discrepancy rectification

Genset (6 Months)

Genset refuel and fuel level monitoring

Active & Passive Equipment (6 Months)

Checking of alarm panel, hardware redundancy test, Inspection of spares, error logs & alarm status, Historical alarm analysis, Maintenance of on-site facilities

Grass Cutting (2 Months)

Maintenance of site compound

Fire Extinguisher (6 Months)

Inspection to ensure cylinder in good condition

Site Grounding (6 Months)

Checking, cleaning and tightening of earthing connection

Electrical (6 Months)

Measurement of current load and voltage for each phase

Cabin (2 Months)

Clearing of debris and drainage system

Rectifier (2 Years)

Checking and recording of voltage readings

Battery (2 Years)

Checking on battery voltage and water levels